Belle and HeavenSent need your help.

Belle, or Grizabella, has been re-named for Grizabella from the musical CATS. In the original show, Grizabella was the glamour cat "chosen to be reborn." Just like Grizabella, Belle is being given a new chance at life.

Belle was removed from a home where she was being severely abused by a disturbed teenager and her parents, too. Belle is currently 15-20 pounds under weight, too, because she wasn't being fed properly. She was also dehydrated and in serious need of medical care. She had several broken bones that were not set or treated.

DESPITE HER TROUBLED PAST, Belle is sweet as pie. She has some neurological issues which give her trouble walking, but she's seeing a neurologist and is scheduled for an MRI soon. She CAN walk, but falls down a lot. We are going to do our best for her to give her some quality of life.

For the first time in many years, HSBR is really in debt. We've always been able to get by, with a little help from generous friends and to keep helping dogs. However, there are more bulldogs than ever coming into rescue because of the economy and housing foreclosures. We've had so many sick dogs recently and our bills are piling up. If you can send a few dollars, we would really
appreciate it. I hate to have to say no to a sick or senior dog who really needs us. We are very grateful.

Every dollar helps and is appreciated -- like, you have no idea how appreciated! !


Belle & HeavenSent thank you for taking the time to read this & spreading the word !