Rudy is new to rescue!

Rudy is a 3-year old neutered male (Jan 6 was his bday) who is up to date on all his vaccinations.

Due to a divorce, Rudy is spending long days alone in a crate. He is often alone in the crate 12+ hours per day so when he is out he's kind of rambunctious. However, before he was in this situation he was a much calmer dog.

Rudy would really benefit from a training class with whoever adopts him because he just doesn't know anymore what is okay.... but he is a SWEET boy and has never shown any signs of aggression to a human. In fact, he would probably LOVE a home with human brothers and sisters 10 and older - he's too big for little kids - he would knock them right down.

Rudy has had some issues with other dogs at the vet, just growling, etc. so will not be placed in a home with other dogs.

Rudy is house trained and he does react well to commands if a food treat is involved. Usuallly "sit" and "paw". Is your home the home that Rudy's been dreaming about?

Rudy's adoption will be limited to the New Jersey, Southeastern PA, Delaware and Maryland area. For information about Rudy or ANY of our adoptable dogs, please visit us at the HeaventSent Bulldog Rescue Official Website.For an application, please visit our Bulldog Adoption Online Application.
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