You'll fall in love with Pandora immediately!

PANDORA's story: PANDORA was seized by the PSPCA in a raid on an illegal puppy store. She was kept in a mud-pit in the back of the store or in a crate in a dark garage where the store owners "bred" dogs.

We actually thought she might be pregnant when she came to rescue, but she's not, and she's now been spayed.

Despite her troubled childhood, PANDORA is a FANTASTIC dog. You'll fall in love with PANDORA immediately!

A little about PANDORA from her foster parents:

PANDORA is completely house trained. She hasn't had any accidents since we got her. She goes to the door where we take her out and sits there until we get up. She loves going outside, but she pulls on the leash.

Pandora loves car rides, she is very calm in the car. She will just lays down in the back she doesn't have to be in the window.

PANDORA has loved every person she has come in contact with, in fact, she bullies her foster sister out of the way for attention. We haven't had her near any children, but I think she would be great. She is very calm and gentle. She takes food from your hand nicely and you can take any food or toys from her without her showing any aggression. Her foster sister will steal bones from her and she doesn't even go after her for them. She is a go with the flow type of girl. (Because of her size and strength, however, she'd probably not be good for really little children.)

PANDORA listens very well. She comes and stays when you tell her to. We are working on sit and lay, and not pulling on the leash. She is very smart and I am sure she will learn fast.

Pandora is not a fan of her crate it takes a little encouragement and treats to get her in it, but once she is, she is fine. We have been occasionally leaving her out of her crate and she does very well. She has not chewed anything or had any accidents while being out. (FOR THIS REASON, PANDORA WOULD PREFER A HOME WHERE CRATING IS NOT NECESSARY).

I think Pandora would be best in a home with another dog. She loves the company of Emma(her foster sister). I feel she looks to Emma for guidance. When we first brought her a bone she waited for Emma to touch it before she would. She and Emma play and cuddle very nicely together.

PANDORA is a very happy Dog and she is going to make a family very happy!

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