Tammy - A Pretty Girl From Delaware.

We’re not sure who gave the name Tammy to this pretty girl from Delaware. We feel silly calling her that. You may call her any name you like, because Tammy responds to all loving voices, no matter what they are saying.

When we first met Tammy at the shelter, her eyes were crusty from untreated dry eye. Her paperwork stated that her owner could no longer care for her. It looks like she was bred at least once.

Gentle Tammy adores people, including little ones. She does not care for cats. We don’t know how she would feel about living with another dog, but she would definitely thrive as a one-and-only pet. She loves to play with a Jolly Ball and chew on safe, hard products such as sterilized bones or nylabones. Don’t give her any fleece toys, unless you want to see the fleece fly.

Tammy walks with a limp; the vet says it does not bother her. She will need extra patience with house-breaking, but she already snoozes through the night in her crate with no accidents. Her vision is improving immensely as we treat her dry eye condition with drops. Tammy is already breathing easier after much-needed palate trim surgery, and a procedure to open up her nares.

Tammy would love a family where someone is home most of the time

Tammy's adoption will be limited to the New Jersey, Southeastern PA, Delaware and Maryland area. For information about Tammy or ANY of our adoptable dogs, please visit us at the HeaventSent Bulldog Rescue Official Website.For an application, please visit our Bulldog Adoption Online Application.

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