REWARD - MISSING BULLDOG. Central California Area.

A bulldog was taken and missing at this point. WE need your "help and eyes" to see if we can get this bulldog home.

Whoever has this bulldog may be trying to take the dog to a local vet for medical treatment, offering the dog up for breeding, selling the dog in the parking lot of a gas station or a selling in the parking lot of pet store. There is even a chance the might turn up in an animal shelter near you.

The dog could of been driven out of the area or given to someone that took the dog elsewhere.

Stray bulldogs are rare and someone will remember seeing this dog or hearing of someone offering a 'great deal' on a bulldog. As part of the bulldog community, someone may mention hearing about this bulldog in passing thinking your should know or could offer some advice on the dog.

Any bulldog missing or stolen should be of importance to us all. If thefts are left unchecked or not noticed, it puts other bulldogs at risk for being taken too.

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Strathmore, Calif. (KMPH News) - If a dog is man's best friend, in this case Punisher is a valley soldier's best friend.
The problem is the 4-year old English Bulldog is missing. The Tulare County Sheriff's Department says Punisher was taken from his owner's home in Strathmore.

Army Specialist Jose Cardoso is overseas serving his country. His wife, Angie says he feels helpless not being able to help search for Punisher.

This is why she is doing everything possible to find him.

Angie says someone cut a hole in their gate and dragged him out Friday night.

"It's really scary knowing someone took the time to actually cut a hole and drag our dog out. He's a 65 pound dog so it probably hurt him when they squeezed him through the hole," Angie said.

On the other side of the gate Angie found gang graffiti carved in the dirt and Punisher's paw prints not too far from there.

"He's an attractive dog, but I'm afraid they took him maybe to fight or breed him," Angie said. "He's a sweet heart, he's quiet, he sleeps all day, he snores, he's active with the kids but that's about it. I'm afraid they took him for the wrong reasons."

Angie says the most difficult part was telling her husband. Army Specialist Cardoso called from Iraq over the weekend, asking about his buddy.

"He took it really hard," Angie said. "He wasn't able to go to work the next day because he was really irritated. He told me, it needs to sink in that Punisher is gone."

"Punisher is my favorite dog," 5 year-old Roman Cardoso said. "I need him back."

Roman and Julian say their dad and Punisher have a special bond. Punisher stopped eating and lost weight when Specialist Cardoso was deployed in August 2009. Angie says her husband had to mail Punisher an old sock to keep him company until his return. The dog slept with it every night - that was until the day Punisher was taken from their backyard in Strathmore.

"I find it hard to believe that there are heartless people out there that don't realize that a dog isn't just a dog to some people, he was part of our family," Angie said.

A neighbor reported seeing three young men, dressed in black carrying Punisher and running down an alley near White Avenue on January 8th.

It's very important for the Cardoso family to find the English Bulldog. Angie says Punisher is allergic to chicken by-products which is found in most dog food.

"What we are doing right now is offering a reward, no questions asked, drop the dog off, you give me my dog back, I give you cash," Angie said.

If you have seen Punisher or know where he is the Cardoso family is offering a $500 reward for his safe return. To contact them go to

You can also call the Tulare County Sheriff's Department at (559) 733-6218.

Thank you for taking the time to see this and sharing with any friends that would be helpful too. This bullie could be transported over statelines by now or just with in a few blocks where she was taken.

PLEASE send this to a friend and help get the word out.

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