Tank, Honoray Bulldog, Needs a Home

This is what she told us: I met Tank this week and I am hoping that we can all help him find his fur-ever home. Tank is an intact male Pitbull, about 55#, and probably 11-13 years old. HIS OWNER MOVED OUT OF THEIR APT AND LEFT HIM BEHIND!! A kindly neighbor has taken in Tank temporarily. He can not have a dog but wanted to give Tank a chance and not bring him to the shelter. So times a wasting... (TANK WILL HAVE TO BE NEUTERED IN ORDER TO BE ADOPTED).

Tank loves people. He had no reaction to strangers approaching even strangers with umbrellas. I will be honest, Tank has no leash manners but he was also being walked on a harness so throw a easy walk harness on this boy and you'll be golden! I poked and prodded this boy over and over and he had no reaction. I manipulated all of his legs with no reaction. He has no sensitivity to his paws or ears being handled. His teeth have seen better days but a better diet might be able to help with that. He has lost a bit of muscle mass throughout his body but he is getting older and was probably not properly exercised throughout his life. His nails could also use a trimming. He had no problem letting me force him into sits and other positions. He took food so gently from my hand and appeared to have no issues taking or leaving food on the ground. So happy he did so well with all of this...

Next he got to see my dog... Tank was very excited to see my female Rottie but showed no aggression. He was at the end of his leash barking but my dog had no reaction to this. After walking for a bit, Tank finally calmed down enough and I allowed him to sniff my dog's butt. Ahhhh! Success! Both dogs walked calmly next to each other. All Tank needed was to calm himself a bit. There was no problem with face to face greetings either.

Personally I think he would do well in a home with another balanced dog, probably female, unsure about males ( unfortunately I didn't have my male with me at the time). Probably not a good match for a home with cats. Although I don't know. He no reaction to the squirrels running around. He does know commands so brushing up on the training couldn't hurt. He would settle into just about any home that gave him a set routine and some exercise.

The man who has him now is in Rutherford, NJ. He said that he gave Tank a pillow to sleep on and he prefers to be covered with a blanket. Help me give this boy a chance, please!

Can you help??? Pass this info along. Please. He may be up there in years but this boy has a great spirit. HSRESCUE@AOL.COM