Have You Voted for TEAM BULLDOG Yet?

Please don't hesitate to vote! Contest ends December 16th! Only a couple of weeks left!
A joining of resources by Southern California Bulldog Rescue, HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue and Love-A-Bulldog Rescue.


We want to win a contest for $10,000 awarded to the shelter program that get's the most votes from supporters over the next couple weeks. This is a nationwide contest with some very large and famous animal shelters entering this contest...and we have a good chance of placing in the top spot.

To succeed 'we need your vote', a spouse, friend, neighbor, co-worker or anyone else that understands your concern for bulldog rescue and will lend a few seconds of their time to cast their personal vote too.

'Three Bulldog Rescue Programs With One BIG Dream'

As small regional bulldog rescue programs we are wise enough to know that none of us alone stand much of a chance in these 'large nationwide fund raising contests', with so many much larger rescues dominating these contests.

But we are confident enough that the bulldog community is strong enough to join together 'as one' to share in the winning of one of these contests. There are examples of this in past, as just this last year we placed in the top following much the same plan.

This time around in this contest, HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue, Love-A-Bulldog Rescue and Southern California Bulldog Rescue, will all to focus all our voting efforts to 'one voting account' with one goal in mind for us to win as a group and ultimately sharing the winning pot.

Thank your for your continued support and votes!


Team Bulldog

Southern California Bulldog Rescue
HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue
Love A Bulldog Rescue