Natural Dog Snout Soother - A Bulldog's Best Friend

The Great people at Natural Dog are donating a portion of the proceeds from sales of their Snout soother to HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue. Natural Dog Snout Soother is the perfect constellation of nourishing, healing and moisturizing ingredients. Your dog will thank you!

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Snout Soother nose balm for dogs has a variety of uses:

  • Dry or Chapped Dog Nose
  • Cracked or Crusty Dog Nose
  • Instant Pain Relief
  • Windburn Prevention
  • Natural Sunscreen
  • Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Rashes and Skin irritations
  • Puppy Acne
  • Discoid Lupus
  • Brachycephalic Breeds
  • Show Winning Noses!

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