Dozer is searching for his FUR-ever home.

Hi, everybully, I'm DOZER and I am looking for my FUR-ever home!! I was surrendered along with my sister because our family lost our home. SADIE found a home but I'm still looking . . .

My foster dad described me as the resident gremlin who comes out of his crate, supervises everything, gets lots of bellyrubs, pesters the lady dogs he likes, tries to boss one or two other dogs around, eats and tries to score some treats, then snoozes away again.

In between, I love chewing on some nyla-bones. I'm friendly to everyone (as long as they have good doggy etiquette) and would be a good fit for just about anyone looking for a sweet, loyal companion.

Here is what my foster mom wrote about me!: Dozer is a 3-5 year old English Bulldog weighing ~ 44 pounds, who was surrendered for adoption as his owner could not afford to care for him any longer. He came into foster care with us on 7/25. Dozer is neutered and had to have his hind legs/spine x-rayed due to his abnormal gait. He was found to have spondylosis, a right leg moving kneecap (luxating patella) , and his right (and left but much less so) femur head does not sit properly in the hip socket . Some beginning areas of arthritis were also evident. His bloodwork revealed that he is an otherwise healthy boy.

Dozer is a riot. He has some dominance traits which he mainly expresses by staring down or snorting at our other resident dogs, who seem to get the message. He has never shown any aggression (except a little snap once or twice at another dog) and otherwise gets along fine with our other 4 dogs. He loves to be in the mix of things and is very affectionate with people. He loves nothing better than a good head rub only to plop down, expose his belly and enjoy some serious belly rubbing. While his gait is problematic, he can suddenly move pretty fast when he sees an nice girl dog or a treat! Dozer is 95% housebroken and loves his crate. He uses it voluntarily and we never close its door. He also at times enjoys some chew toys and has never chewed on anything inappropriate in our home.

Dozer needs a home that is aware of his spine and hip issues, which are managed with one medication and a supplement. Dozer cannot walk far, although he has tried to go on walks with us. He can go on very short walks with some pausing along the way. He likes these excursions and also enjoys getting outside in our yard and chilling on our porch. He can walk our patio steps into the yard, although he is cautious in doing so. Dozer needs a home without many steps.

Dozer is a bossy, super cute, affectionate guy that turns heads wherever we go. He has some really good years ahead of him. He would be fine with children but we are not sure how he is with cats.

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