Do you have some time & attention for Blitz?

We are posting BLITZ as a courtesy because of his situation.

BLITZ was described to us as an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. The Alapaha Blue Blood is an old-time "plantation dog" of the Alapaha River region of South Georgia. They are a breed created from the American Bulldog, the Olde English Bulldogge, and the English Bulldog.

BLITZ is fully housetrained and only 1 year old.

Blitz's dad contacted us because he is no longer able to provide Blitz with the time and attention that Blitz deserves. Blitz's dad says just because he was thrown a curve ball in life, BLITZ shouldn't have to suffer, and we agree!

Blitz loves to run but tires fairly quickly. He walks on his leash very well. BLITZ gets rambunctious around people because he loves attention from others, but will need an experienced owner who will continue his training. BLITZ follows basic commands SIT, STAY,DOWN,COME. He can be hard headed at times: if his nose smells something he wants then he may not "hear" the commands! BLITZ is up to date on shots until June. He had his 3yr rabies jan 2009.

BLITZ is very friendly with people. He has only been around two other dogs but has never showed any aggression towards anyone, canine, feline or people. I feed him twice a day Diamond dog food, as a treat I give him chicken and rice once a week (he loves it) he likes pretty much any treats. He like rawhide, pig hoofs, and Big bones. BLITZ is a big dog, weighing approximately 80-90lbs.

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