Meet Winston - one FANTASTIC bulldog!

Winston was rescued from a shelter where he was taken by his family. Poor Winston was scared to death and luckily was able to be moved from the shelter within hours of being left there.

Winston was being abused by the family's child and was severely neglected with his daily maintenance and vet care. The neglect of daily maintenance caused poor Winston to have 2 severely infected ears as well as his tail. He was in such severe pain that 2 of the best bully docs in the area were unable to handle him.

After 4 antibiotics and pain meds, he finally allowed his foster mom to clean his ears!! Due to his severe pain, he was unable to be handled by anyone for this simple task to be completed.

UPDATE: Winston’s ears and tail are doing much better, although his foster mom still struggles with putting in his ear drops because he is scared, but he is getting better every day. Winston tested positive for Lymes disease and has been treated with antibiotics. He also needed medicine for his thyroid which has been a tremendous help. Winston is feeling much better everyday. He has been under our wing for 2 months now. Now that Winston is feeling much better his foster mom says he is a clown. He loves to play ball and bring his toys to you. Mostly he is happy to lay at your feet while you watch TV, work on the computer or just about anything. Winston is a people dog, he loves to follow his person around the house. Winston will need someone who is very patient with him and his medicines.

Winston's adoption will be limited to the New Jersey, Southeastern PA, Delaware and Maryland area. For information about Winston, or ANY of our adoptable dogs, please visit us at the HeaventSent Bulldog Rescue Official Website.
For an application, please visit our Bulldog Adoption Online Application.

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