Sophia Update!

Sophia turned 1 on 1-13-09, a day that was precious to all that love her & have contributed to her care, a day we were not sure she would ever see.

Over the last several months Sophia has had many accomplishments & some obstacles to overcome. She started to have trouble eating & drinking. Another surgery was needed. Her tonsils were removed & she had soft palette surgery as well. She is now eating and drinking without regurgitating her food, she still needs her meds & special chair, but doing well for now. The doctor did let us know that along with her current issues, she has some internal effects from her condition as well. Her small intestines don’t function normally and other organs seem to be out of place, all functioning for now. We will continue to monitor her closely.

Sophia continues to amaze us with her utter determination to do all that a “normal” dog would do. She has learned to climb stairs! She can not go down, but has the best time climbing them! She loves to play, gives lots of kisses & just loves everyone! She is completely potty trained, she will bark at the door to be let out to go. She knows the difference between her ball & bone, she will bring you which ever you ask for, but she prefers her bone! Her balance is also continuing to improve, she still falls but gets right back up and continues with her day each and ever time!!

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