Meet Meatball!

Nickname: Meaty

Size: A compact 59 lbs - bulldog picture perfect.

Arrival Story: Meatball’s family has new babies—yes, more than one—and they do not have the time or financial ability to treat Meatball’s skin and ear issues.

Bio: Meatball is a gentle, mellow boy who deserves all the love you have to give. We’re not sure of his age ...He is sweet and dignified. He is neutered, housebroken and up to date with vaccines. He has lived with other dogs and children. We don’t know how he would be with cats but we suspect he'd be as gentle with them as he is with everyone else.

Needs: Meatball has limited hearing because his ear canals are nearly closed, a complication of his allergies. We are treating him with oral medications, eye and ear drops, and medicated baths.

Meatball is cooperative with his daily treatments. We would love to see him in a quiet home as an only dog, or with another calm dog for companionship. Meatball doesn’t require much exercise....just lots of love, and a family committed to continuing his allergy treatments.

Likes: Being petted and fussed over. Treats of any kind. A comfortable place to snooze. He is happiest when he is right by your side.

Pet-Peeves: We haven’t found any! Meatball is very agreeable.

Meatballs's adoption will be limited to the New Jersey, Southeastern PA, Delaware and Maryland area. For information about Meatball, or ANY of our adoptable dogs, please visit us at the HeaventSent Bulldog Rescue Official Website.
For an application, please visit our Bulldog Adoption Online Application.

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