Saturday, May 21st from 7:00pm-9:30pm
(check in starts at 6:30pm)

Brunswick Zone Turnersville
100 American Boulevard
Turnersville, NJ

$12 per person

Includes 2.5 hours of bowling and shoe rental.
(A full snack bar, lounge and arcade are on the premise to enjoy.)

Prices for bake sale items will vary.

To purchase tickets, donate baked goods or if you need more information, please contact:

Proceeds to benefit HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue!

Hobo is still searching for a family

I am seven years old. I lived with my daddy since I was three years old. He was my best friend and we did everything together. My daddy was a tall thin man with white hair. He was so good to me and I miss him very much. He would even take me on car rides whenever I wanted because he knew it was my most favorite thing in the world to do. Even if I wanted to go at one oclock in the morning he would take me. He is such a great guy.

Recently my daddy started getting sick and couldnt take care of me anymore so now I live with a new foster family. There is a lady, and another dog that looks like me, and a tall thin man that reminds me of my daddy. I follow the tall thin man everywhere he goes. When Im not sleeping that is! I like to sleep A LOT! I like to sleep inside or outside but on the sofa is my favorite!

The lady wakes me up in the morning and Im not used to getting up that early. My daddy used to let me sleep in with him all of the time. But its okay, it just takes me a while to get going when its early in the morning. Once I am up though the first thing I want to do is eat breakfast. I love food and treats and will eat and eat and eat if you let me. My new doctor says I should lose a few pounds because I am such a big boy.

I love the other dog that I live with and like to play with him. My daddy used to take me to the dog park all of the time and I really liked it a lot. I am a big guy though so I dont have a lot of energy all of the time. I only play or go on walks for a little bit because then I get tired and want to take a nap. The lady that I live with now says Im silly because I sleep with my tongue hanging out of my mouth. She says it makes me pretty cute!

Their house is different than my old one was. They have lots of steps here and I only like a few. I can do them but they make me nervous so I like it when the lady or the tall thin man walks up them with me. I would prefer to live in a house with just a few steps. I like other dogs and I like kids but I dont think I should live with kids. I dont like it when people touch my face or my ears sometimes. If it doesnt feel good it makes me mad and I have to tell them to stop. I got really mad at the lady and the tall thin man one day because they were cleaning my ear and it hurt so I told them to STOP! I gave them both a big sloppy kiss afterwards so it was ok.

The lady says I am a gentle giant and that I would make a great companion for someone who is retired or who works from home. Access to your sofa and car rides are a must!

Hobo was surrendered by his owner because his owner got very sick and could no longer care for him. Their parting was very sad and emotional, and Hobo really needs and wants a FURever home where he can forget his troubles. He has been a very well-cared-for bulldog and is used to being with his person all the time.

Hobo loves to be your constant companion and would love to go for rides in the car. His IDEAL home would be with a retired person or work from home person who is looking for a fantastic companion! HOBO is your boy!.

Hobo is house-trained, well-mannered and very sweet. He is confused by his recent loss of his person and could really use some TLC.

Feel free to email us to let us know if you're interested in a specific dog AFTER you have completed an application at PLEASE try to be patient. If you are a good match for a bulldog, we WILL be in touch. It might be soon, or it might be a few weeks. We appreciate your cooperation!!

Big Doggy Bling for HeavenSent!!

We're very happy to offer our exclusive HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue collars and leashes on Etsy. The Bulldog design was created for our group by and can only be purchased from Big Doggy Bling. All sizes are always available; no items are ever sold out even if you do not see it listed. The trim is NOT available for purchase.


The 9th Annual/ 2011 HeaventSent Bullyfest © (TM) information.
Fun for the whole family & fundraising for Bulldogs in need.

When: Sunday, April 17th

NOON - 5pm

Where: New Location!
Buena Vista Camping Resort
775 Harding Highway
Buena, NJ 08310

Donate a basket or item to be auctioned off!

Pet photographer will be available for portraits of your pet!

Vendors will be selling excellent bulldog related items!

Proceeds benefit HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue.
Your Help is Greatly Needed & Appreciated!
The Bulldogs Thank You in advance!

Whether you own a Bulldog, or just love the breed
We expect more than 80 Bulldogs to attend.
You will be SURROUNDED by Bulldog beauty.


  • Adults: $15
  • Kids (under 10): $5
  • Well-behaved, leashed dogs are free!
  • (HSBR reserves the right to refuse admission.)

Admission includes:

  • Food & Beverages
  • Goodie Bags
  • Costume Contest
  • Rescue Parade
  • Raffles & Auctions
  • Adoption Information
  • Meet the Trainer
  • The return of the popular KISSING BOOTH


HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization and a New Jersey Nonprofit corporation. HeavenSent is affiliated with the Philadelphia Bulldog Club.

HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue.
P.O. Box 816, Medford, NJ 08055

Call: 215.514.9818 (Kara Gordon) or 856.340.9155 (Amy Stein)

Callie still seeks a FUR-EVER home

Callie was found roaming the streets of Newark, looking for a home. Callie is not your average bulldog, she likes long walks, runs and is a ball of energy. Callie is a lover too! She loves to give kisses and to sit on your lap. Give her a Beggin strip and she will follow you everywhere. Callie has fun chasing her foster-brother Brody all over the house and playing in the yard.

Callie is a funny dog, she will make you laugh every moment you're with her! She loves to push the curtains aside and watch people going by....
Callie would love to have a fenced yard where she can run and play, and sunshine- filled rooms to snooze in. She is a healthy, energetic girl who is perfectly house-trained.

Callie's adoption will be limited to the New Jersey, Southeastern PA, Delaware and Maryland area. For information about Callie or ANY of our adoptable dogs, please visit us at theHeaventSent Bulldog Rescue Official Website. For an application, please visit our Bulldog Adoption Online Application.

Feel free to email us to let us know if you're interested in a specific dog AFTER you have completed an application at PLEASE try to be patient. If you are a good match for a bulldog, we WILL be in touch. It might be soon, or it might be a few weeks. We appreciate your cooperation!!